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Our People

The people behind Panquake are innovative and experienced industry leaders available for comment, interviews, event presentations or appearances.

Suzie Dawson

Suzie Dawson

Managing Director, Chief Product Officer

Design, Delivery Management, Campaign

  • Enterprise Software Development Manager
  • Former Leader, Internet Party of New Zealand
Sean O'Brien

Sean O'Brien

Chief Technology Officer

Systems, Infrastructure, Security, Licensing

  • Yale Law School Cybersecurity Professor
  • Privacy Lab Founder, Yale Law School
John Kiriakou

John Kiriakou

Brand Ambassador

Media, Promotions, Business Development

  • Former CIA Officer
  • New York Times Best-selling Author
Rene de Wit

Rene de Wit

Chief Commercial Officer, Executive Chair

Commercialisation, Global Sales, Revenue

  • MSc, MBA, Otago University
  • 30 Years Executive Leadership Experience
Igor Kreslavsky

Igor Kreslavsky

Chief Legal Officer

Corporate Law, Risk Management, Intellectual Property

  • Internationally educated
  • Multi-disciplinary, Multi-lingual
Sheree Ip

Sheree Ip

Public Relations Manager

Marketing Strategy, Communications, PR

  • JD, GDLP, PGCL, BComm
  • Blockchain Professional

Our Story

To date, over 3 million people have visited and over 3,800 donors have contributed funds towards the development of the next generation social media technology.

Since Panquake first discussed a ground breaking idea of a crowdfunded social media application where the users are the customers ‒ not the product ‒ Panquake’s build has achieved a series of major milestones, from network design proof of concept to a fully functioning application interface.

Members of the public have flocked to apply to become Panquake BETA users and Panquake is in its final build phase in order to launch the BETA offering.

Visitors to are:

  1. joining a community dedicated to the delivery of a product which will bring next generation solutions to a market that is hungry for change

  2. successfully crowdfunding to contribute to the product development at, and

  3. spreading the word that things can and will be different.

With Big Tech algorithms, AI moderation and massive data breaches rendering outdated, monopoly platforms obsolete, Panquake offers a vital and timely solution.



Panquake Me makes sharing links safer than ever before. It removes nasty trackers, archives source content and shortens links all in one easy click. It is free to use for members of the public and an enterprise version is in the works. Read the FAQ page for more details, download the press release or if you're a techy, check out our source code at this link.

Founder and Chief Product Officer, Suzie Dawson, said:

For too long journalists, activists and the general public have had to fear the links they share. Never knowing what was really hidden inside the link or whether the content would still be accessible in the future.

Recognising the urgency, we sliced off a piece of the cake of our Panquake technology to bring forward an early release of our application, in the solution that is - a simple, free, link sharing and archive tool in one, that's safe for you to use. This is a big win for internet users the world over, reducing the fear of digital profiling from big corporates and governments who map your networks and track who you share content to.

Panquake Me Metrics

Panquake Me user adoption metrics are outstanding. In November 2023, only 6 weeks after release, it was announced that 86.38% of users visiting were successfully engaging with the product and completing the link creation workflow. The click-to-link ratio was 395.82%, confirming that the links created by users were being circulated online and clicked on by other users. The total domain validation checks performed by our team stood at an impressive 20,483. In April 2024 updated metrics were released: showing 56.52% increase in average daily link creation, virtually no drop-off in visitor-to-user conversion, a vastly improved click-to-link ratio and more than 4x growth in domain validation by our team. Metrics Created Links Metrics Created Links Metrics Clicks to Links Metrics Domains Validated

News Updates

Panquake campaign updates are available on the News section of our website and also at our crowdfunding page.

There you will find over 50 updates posted periodically throughout the course of the project to date, including various graphics that may not be available elsewhere, short and long form videos, links to and transcripts of event appearances, as well as other relevant information.

For our full video archive please visit our Vimeo page.

Press Releases

Milestones achieved and other moments of significance for the highly successful Panquake campaign are memorialized in the Press Releases section of our News page. Please click here to review more than 20 Panquake press releases issued to date and consider bookmarking the link for future reference.

Our press releases contain exclusive quotes from key project personnel, many of which remain relevant and may be cited in your coverage of Panquake.

Digital Media Files

Panquake design standards set a high bar for independent projects. We are passionate about presenting attractive and well thought out content. There are several repositories of files that may be useful to you:

This super sleek and comprehensive collection of branding files contains dozens of official Panquake logos, banners and related files, in a variety of formats, colours and sizes as well as instructions for their correct usage and display.

You will also find hexadecimal codes for the Panquake palette, as well as font typefaces and related downloadables.

Our Goodies page is a treasure trove of campaign-related graphic files of diverse composition. From wallpapers for desktop and mobile, to promotional .gif images, to quote graphics and share cards, it's all there!

Get a taste for some of Panquake's artworks and collateral, in portrait and landscape, from thumbnails to full sized images. There's even some cute printable Panquake puzzles!

Media Request Form

Interested in collaborating with the Panquake executive, marketing or events teams to produce content for your platform or publication? Please download this super simple request form (PDF), fill it out and submit it to

Your cooperation in doing so is gratefully received, as it helps us to better accommodate bookings and establish a basic understanding about your format so that we can best focus relevant content for your audience.